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Many popular religions have strict rules against having fun and being happy, even if no harm is done to anyone. These religions also teach that people are not to engage in earthly delights and experience the many wonderful pleasures the world has to offer. Instead, they recommend living a colorless, sheltered, guilt-ridden life with the promise that the Afterlife will reward those who had the least fun on Earth. Well, you may be interested to know that "The Afterlife is Here and Now", and each one of us is living in Heaven, Hell, AND Purgatory. The goal of Immoralities is to set the record straight, and to help enlightened individuals to live more colorful lives. The world is filled with wonder - live life to the fullest.

Some good places to start are the IndigoRoom, Love Pirate, and Pink Demon.
  • Moral Enlightenment
  • Happiness Facilitation
  • Guilt Riddance
  • Eye-Openers
  • De-Programming
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